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A lightweight fiber with very special properties.

Carbon fibers are industrially manufactured fibers from carbonaceous raw materials, usually polyacrylonitrile (PAN). These are converted to graphite-like carbon in a multi-stage, high temperature process. The resulting anisotropic carbon fibers are characterized by extremely high tensile strength and stiffness at low breaking strain.

Typical properties of HT carbon fibers:

Fiber Density: 1,78 g/cm³
Tensile-Strength:    4.200 – 4.900 MPa
Tensile-Modulus: 240 GPa
Elongation at Break: 1,8 %

Carbon fibers used for the production of textile semi-finished products usually consist of 1,000 to 24,000 single filaments (1k to 24k). Each individual filament has a diameter of only 7µm.  
At CARBO-TEX, we place a corresponding value on the gentle treatment of the carbon fibers. For this purpose, we rely on the newest findings in carbon fiber processing in the production of our fabric, and specifically on the latest processing technologies.

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