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CARBON - versatile & high quality

The limits are far from being reached

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) continue to conquer new application areas due to their unique material properties. New opportunities open up for engineers and designers, and help to overcome previous limitations.

The excellent ratio of weight to strength and stiffness, especially in continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials, predestines this material for use in the areas of mobility (aerospace, automotive, transportation), sport (esp. competition and racing) as well as automation and robotics.

In addition, CFRP components have a wide range of other benefits, including corrosion and weather resistance, good fatigue behavior, transparency to electromagnetic waves, low thermal expansion and a high energy absorption capacity. This means that CFRP is today also used in various application fields as measurement and control technology, medical technology, the construction industry and now in many different industrial applications. And if an impeccable carbon look is required, high quality design fabrics are used.

Different manufacturing processes are used to process our semi-finished products into highly durable and lightweight composite components. Whether hand lay-up for the single production, resin infusion method for medium-volume or automated methods for impregnation of semi-finished materials or for series production of CFRP structures, the high-performance fabrics from CARBO-TEX can be used everywhere.

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