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At the top, the details make the difference

This also applies to the processing of high-performance fibers. The extremely high strength and stiffness of carbon fiber, with simultaneous low breaking strain, poses special challenges for each manufacturer.

Every carbon fiber consists of thousands of single filaments (3k = 3,000 filaments). Each individual filament ultimately plays a part in deciding which properties can be achieved in a CFRP component. The technology used by CARBO-TEX is designed to process the carbon fibers gently and as smoothly as possible. This is the only way to ensure that a maximum of the fiber properties are transferred to the fabric, so that the potential for lightweight construction can be optimally exploited in the subsequent production of the component. This is achieved by the use of the latest processing technology, which is tailored to carbon fiber.

CARBO-TEX has consciously decided to avoid unnecessary intermediate steps and processes the fiber directly from the roving. All thread-carrying elements are covered with a coating designed specifically for the gentle processing of carbon fibers. Instead of rubbing on the thread guides, the carbon fibers "swim" on the "soft" surface. This results in a significant improvement in process security, achieving significantly less filament fractures and at the same time preventing a splicing of the rovings. Further positive effects are less production stops, as well as an improved fabric appearance as a result of lower yarn breakage and reduced fuzzy fiber.

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